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Ian Harvey Latest Release - 'Us'

Ian Harvey releases 'Us', a collection of songs from the heart

Never one for sitting still or being pinned down to a single genre, Ian Harvey has surprised everyone again with his stripped down and quiet album of, essentially, love songs. 'Write what you know' says Ian who has definitely put his heart on his sleeve this time with the album 'Us'. Nine songs that cover everything from the bright sunshine moments of falling in love to the deep, dark nightmares of it all being a dream that will be woken from alone again.

'Us' is dripping with lazy blues-ridden piano lines, silky strings and vocals that would be right at home in a jazz club after turning out time when the singer really sings what he feels. The words are simple and heartfelt, the production minimal but these are songs that will get under your skin and become life anthems for a lot of people.

'Us' by Ian Harvey is now available for download at: