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Just Another Label (JAL) primarily works with production music and over nineteen years has focussed on supplying electronic, urban and pop music to many established Production Music Libraries.

JAL entered into the music industry in 1992 and has since been involved in many ventures across the industry as a recording company, commercial publisher, production music library and third party administrator. 

From 1992, through JAL and many other labels, the company released a multitude of records on vinyl, CD and digital formats, enjoying great acclaim in the underground UK dance music scene. We proudly received an Ivor Novello in 2003 for "Best Original Music For Television" for the Channel 4 production Feltham Sings

From 2005, JAL slowed down their release of records and progressed into the production music industry. They have since supplied mainly electronic music to the production music libraries of companies including Extreme Music, Warner Bros, Universal and EMI.

JAL has always had a keen interest in the community and has spent time volunteering to deliver music-related projects to young people alongside youth-groups and various local councils. JAL has also delivered musical and music industry themed workshops with tutors at further education colleges in addressing subjects including diversity, equal opportunities, prejudice and discrimination.

We are currently expanding into multi-media productions to offer comprehensive services in the audio/visual industry. Within the music sector JAL provides photography and video services to organisations and artists for production of viral content and marketing propaganda.


Since the company's progression into the production music industry in 2005, commercial publishing has become our secondary focus under the guise of "Just Another Publisher." Alongside publishing commercial ventures of our key artists, "Just Another Publisher" provides administration services for progressive publishers to allow them more time to develop their business whilst remaining in control of their catalogue. "Just Another Publisher" currently administrates companies across Europe including Ambiel Music's publishing arm Mzone Publishing, DvDBeatCompany, DDE Records, NEC MusicUrban Sickness Audio and Jamz Music.

Prior to Just Another Label moving into the production music industry, publishing of our recording catalogue came from Stage 1000. Stage 1000 is the music publishing branch of the catalogue from Just Another Label's years as a prolific recording company. Stage 1000 also controls catalogue from the other labels pioneered during this time including Stompin' Choonz and Narcotix Inc and is home to our Ivor Novello award.


"Just Another Label" shifted its main focus onto licensing music for media productions since 2005 and is currently inactive as a record company owing to the changes made in the developing industry of the new millennium.

The first label venture from Company Director 'Ola' was Boombastic Plastic in 1993 which released tracks from Citadel Of Kaos, which included Jason Cambridge who went on to become D&B veteran DJ A Sides.

The company moved on to host an eclectic mix of labels and represent the UK underground hardcore scene and the developing styles of hard dance music.

Just Another Music Supervisor (JAMS)

 Just Another Music Supervisor (JAMS) supplies mainly electronic, urban and pop music directly to end-users through a bespoke website

JAMS hosts an extensive catalogue of contemporary works with full control of both master recording and publishing rights, plus additional catalogue sourced from a collective of in-vogue artists, labels and publishers from the UK and Europe.

With a large body of eminent work available to license through a variety of flexible licensing structures, JAMS is a one-stop-shop for specialist electronic, urban and pop music, representative of constantly emerging UK styles.

The Dance Music Library

"The Dance Music Library" is "Just Another Label's" production music outlet and collates music from our 20 years in the industry and our expanding group of dedicated artists.

Primarily focussed on electronic music, The DML embodies a wide selection of emerging trends and the benchmark styles of the last two decades.

DML Music Previous Usages Include:

    â€¢    M&M / Mars - Starburst TV advertising campaign (US national)
    â€¢    Walt Disney "Raising Helen" trailer (worldwide film theatres)
    â€¢    "Feltham Sings" TV documentary (UK national)
    â€¢    Sainsbury's TV advertising campaign (UK national)
    â€¢    "Living The Dream" BBC documentary signature tune (UK national)
    â€¢    "Teenage Kicks" Channel 4 documentary (UK national)
    â€¢    "Dog's Life Saga" Sony DVD demo covermount for Official PlayStation magazine

Workshops And Lecturing Services

'Just Another Label' also offers comprehensive Workshops and Lectures on the music industry drawing content from the 20 years experience of passionate Company Director 'Ola.'

Contact to discuss the content available for interactive Worksops/Lectures ranging from a basic introduction to the music industry up to intricate practices of advanced music business.


Placements TV Channels

Placements TV Programmes


Just Another Label hosts many community workshops and offers a wide range of positive musical experiences for young people. In the past this has included the creation of several CD singles which were produced by the young people involved.

Plans for the future are to concentrate on trying to generate work in the local community and continue to create opportunities for young people and make an investment in the future.


If you are interested in licensing our music please contact to discuss an agreement tailored to your requirements.

Commercial and media productions music licenses available.