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Welcome To JAL

Welcome To Just Another, a historic brochure of our previously released commercial catalogue available to download instantly.

From 2005, JAL has been reducing its commercial releases in order to focus on library production music and after years of supplying music to existing libraries is currently in the process of developing our own web portal for direct music for sync – Just Another Music Supervisor.

An example showreel of our current sync catalogue can be viewed on YouTube.

We operate with a collective of artists, labels and publishers to ensure our catalogue remains diverse and current. Our related organisations include Ambiel Music, Dance Regime, DvDBeatCompany, NEC Music and Test Pilot Music.

Our artists include : Aletta, Charlie, Chris Grabiec, Craig Fury, DJ A Sides, Laura & The Boutique, Mackadena, NJC, Q Project and Voodoo Browne.