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The JAL collective welcome you to our new website, focussed on providing the informative website on the scene and on our all our labels and endeavors over the years, as well as breaking news on what’s happening in our Happy World.

Forgive the small number of holes there are around the site, but some artists are just too damned busy making fresh trax to come up with their profile and pictures!

You may be wondering where and when new JAL releases will come about. Well, you need to focus on the new Hardcore Coalition imprint, pairing old skool experience with nu skool talent for the freshest noises. Narcotix Inc is not consigned to the history books yet, as we like the flavas we’ve added to the scene on this front, so keep ya ears open for new stuff from the Narc artists. There won’t be much in the way of vinyl though, so get ready to storm into the 21st century with downloads and MP3s.

JAL is focusing heavily on our music library arm, The Dance Music Library (, and you’re more likely to recognise our flavas from the media, such as films, ads and the like.

If you want any further info or need to throw questions at the collective for any reason, drop us an email on: Stay unified and stay happy!!

Written by Matt Beal (Silent Justice Promotions)