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Stompin Choonz

Stompin Choonz

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Discography :

As its name suggests, Stompin' Choonz releases hard-hitting, stompin', Freeform Hardcore.
Founded back in the days of 1995, Stompin's debut release was the massive, best selling, vocal anthem "Higher Love" by JDS featuring the powerful vocals of Corelle. This track was remixed a year later by DJ Slipmatt, increasing its longevity as one of the most popular anthems of its time.

Other popular releases on this label were "The Horny Raver" by D-Zyne and DJ Fury, "Get It Right" written by Helix (one of the labels most talented producers) and featuring vocals by Marls, and "All I Ever Wanted" by DJ Fury with vocals by Yemisi, which was played on Eastenders during their pirate radio episode!

The flip (AA) sides of this label have always been known for taking the sounds of fast, stomping Hardcore into the realms of deep, analogue Techno and experimenting in rhythm and bass with a hard edge. Tracks like Helix and Slam's "Acid Break" and "Sikkakiks" and Fury's "De Senisitze" are prime examples of the labels innovative Hardcore sound and have sealed the direction of the label's future sound.

Bringing forward the vibe of the AA sides and flipping them onto the A side, the likes of Helix, Fury, Twist, AG Systems, Tekno Dred & Square Wave are on a mission to surprise and amaze as Stompin' Choonz travels through the twilight zones of Hardcore.