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Forthcoming Releases

We have a handful of forthcoming releases to share with you, showcasing some of the fresh new talent JAL is working with.

The JAL Collective’s latest releases appear on the Hardcore Coalition label and feature up and comers Twisted Freq with “Innocence”, Reese & Vicky Fee’s “In My Dreams”, Ruffage & Serenity’s “Headlong Into Mischief”, V2’s “Into The Mix”, Devastate, Invader and Freestyle’s “Trigger Finger” and Drew Derivative’s “Music”.

Also featured are JAL regular, Cube::Hard, with “Pulse Attack”, “Show Me A Sign” and “Under Pressure”; Ham, Demo and Justin Time’s smash “Here I Am” is given the Bunter and CLSM treatment; DJ Fury pops up with the stormer “Save My Soul” and the classic JDS track “Higher Love” is tweaked, twisted and given the ‘07 vibe by Slipmatt and Al Storm.

Keep your mince pies open for the release of the new Helter Skelter “Hardcore 2008” album, due to hit the shops on Boxing Day, as there are some stormin’ remixes of “Let It Lift You” and “Come Alive” by the legends, Bunter and Slipmatt alongside all the upfront hardcore you need to lift ya New Years party up into the clouds!