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Beyond Voltage Part 3

Album Information

Beyond Voltage Part 3

Release Date : Sep 2001

Catalogue Number : FUZECD04

Label : up2 Fuze

Disc 1

  1. [Fuze]
    listen_g  'Closer'
    by Accidental Heroes
  2. [Fuze]
    listen_g  'Temperament'
    by The Vagrant
  3. [Fuze]
    listen_g  'Grip'
    by Skeptic
  4. [Fuze]
    listen_g  'Motion'
    by Accidental Heroes
  5. [Fuze]
    listen_g  'Hydrogen'
    by Secret Teknology
  6. [Fuze]
    listen_g  'Diagram'
    by Skeptic
  7. [Fuze]
    listen_g  '7 Bars (Remix)'
    by The Vagrant
  8. [Fuze]
    listen_g  'Awareness'
    by Elementz Of Noize
  9. [Fuze]
    listen_g  'Nebula'
    by The Vagrant
  10. [Fuze]
    listen_g  'Plasma'
    by Gamma Ray
  11. [Fuze]
    listen_g  'Singularity'
    by The Vagrant
  12. [Fuze]
    listen_g  'Terminal'
    by Elementz Of Noize
  13. [Fuze]
    listen_g  'Nematode'
    by Gamma Ray
Following on from the success of the two previous outings, we have decided to unleash Fuze Recording's very own A-Sides on the 21st to 29th releases on the label and create "Beyond Voltage Part 3".

Beyond Voltage 3 features selected cuts from the some of the scene's finest producers such as The Vagrant, Elementz Of Noize, Gamma Ray, Skeptic and Accidental Heroes.

Fuze Recordings' releases are given regular airplay by radio stations like Kiss FM, Galaxy FM, Radio 1 and all of England's pirate radio stations, as well as being part of the bag for DJs such as Grooverider, Kenny Ken, Ray Keith, Andy C and Randall to name but a few. Our releases are also consistently played in internet radio stations such as Interface and Gaialive, where A-Sides presents his own monthly show.

Popular with audiences worldwide, you will come across Fuze releases in many different countries such as America, Canada, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Holland, Switzerland, Japan, Iceland and South Africa.