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Sektor's One, Two and Three

Album Information

Sektor's One, Two and Three

Release Date : Feb 2005

Catalogue Number : ADVSKCD1

Label : up2 CIA

Disc 1

  1. [CIA]
    listen  '157'
    by Digital
  2. [CIA]
    listen  'See Me Burning'
    by Baron
  3. [CIA]
    listen  'Squash'
    by Total Science
  4. [CIA]
    listen  'Nice Time'
    by Ju Ju
  5. [CIA]
    listen  'Tempo Dub'
    by Calibre
  6. [CIA]
    listen  'Weird Vibes'
    by Universal Project / DJ Friction
  7. [CIA]
    listen  'Lightweight'
    by Total Science
  8. [CIA]
    listen  'Scan'
    by Beta 2
  9. [CIA]
    listen  'Overdrive'
    by The Spirit
  10. [CIA]
    listen  'Bring It On'
    by A-Sides
  11. [CIA]
    listen  'Philly X'
    by Total Science
  12. [CIA]
    listen  'Peacemaker'
    by Beta 2
Introducing yet another new high-quality compilation series from Total Science’s experimental label “Advance”. Created in 2001, Advanced became a vessel for promoting the more experimental sound of Total Science & Co. From this label came the birth of the Sektor series.

Initially created as a way of combining up-and coming artists with those more established, the series was also developed as a means to stress the importance more on the music than the artists. Featuring artists such as Baron, Digital, D.kay, Lee, Juju, Beta 2, Hive, Echo, Klute and more recently new talent such as Commix, Logistics, Ill Logic & Raf. The Sektor series has included seminal tracks such as “Squash”, and the ever popular “Champion Sound” remix. This series continues to prove its popularity by sales and reputation, with several new volumes added each year, most recently volume six, released May 2004.

This compilation brings together the best (so far) of the series, containing the perfect examples of what Sektors 1 - 6 showcase. From the dub-tinged atmospheric ‘157’ by Digital, the mellow liquid rollers such as US-Based Ju Ju’s ‘Nice Time’ or Beta 2’s old-skool influenced ‘Peacemaker’ to the grimy bass-workout ‘Bring It On’ by A-Sides.

Adding to this is the anthemic ‘Squash’ from Total Science themselves, one of D&B’s most definitive tracks in recent years and a highlight of the Sektor series for sure.

CIA/Advanced stalwart Baron also features with ‘See Me Burning’ an amen-infested salute to Blue Note days. Also featuring is Calibre with ‘Tempo Dub’, the man recently dubbed by Marcus Intalex and Fabio as the saviour of funk. Adding to this quality dancefloor tracks from Drum & Bass’ elite including Spirit, Beta 2, Universal Project & Friction and you have a first class compilation guaranteed to have something for everyone!