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Bonkers / D.A.T.A.

Bonkers / D.A.T.A.

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Bonkers is a 12' single label offshoot of the highly successful 'Bonkers' Compilation series on React. DATA stands for Digital Audio Techno Anarchy and along with Bonkers, and are joint collaborations between DJ / Producer Sharkey and Stage One.
Both labels were established in 1999 to cater for the growing underground trend of Trancecore, emerging out of the Hardcore scene and merging the sounds of Trance. The Bonkers music policy is mainstream, crossing over into the Happier side of Core, whereas DATA is more of a back-room, experimental and underground sound.

The labels are gathering credible producers from within the Hard Dance and Hardcore scenes, bringing together the likes of Michael Wells of Edge and Rabbit City Records, and DJ Eclipse (Steven Gibbs) and releasing credible music that crosses over and is accepted in both the Hardcore and Hard Dance genres.