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Genetic Stress

Genetic Stress

Discography :

Genetic Stress never strived to produce the ordinary, traditional sounds of Drum and Bass. Instead, their sound has always pushed the boundaries as far as possible. The results were first heard on the one-sided, limited edition of "Silver Haze", which was, and still is, very hard to find.
Examples of other experimental tracks are "High Flyers" featuring the vocals of Corelle and the unusual and highly innovative "Sparkling" remixed by Aphrodite. Zed have brought a jazzy flavour to the label with their releases "Blue Nights" and "Slap".

Future Passed have given their Hip-Hop style to the Drum and Bass sound. Toby Best has also written for the label under the pseudonym "Mission Control", producing in his characteristic atmospheric, light and tight, jump up style.

The label's most popular release to date is the Matrix remix of "Spring Box" by Dilemma, which was originally released on the Narcotix label.

It received the following review from Atmosphere magazine: "One of the kings of laying out the maximum twist, just check the analogue rollin' techno flave in this, taking you through tunnels in what seems a never ending b-line mission. Complimented by phat breaks arranged and edited two step. Buy on sight."