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Hardcore Coalition

Hardcore Coalition

Discography :

Hardcore Coalition is a split-release project from Dusk Til Dawn, Electronic [Electronica Exposed], Just Another Label, Stompin Choonz [JAL Ltd] and Sound Assassin Recordings [Test Pilot Music Ltd].
Aiming to bring a diverse, easy going, party-vibe to each release, these massive collaborations from some of Hardcore's most exciting producers feature an impressive list of established names alongside the scene's rising stars.

For instance, HC EP 01 released in FEB 08 features tracks and remixes from the likes of Cube::Hard, Darwin, Ham, Demo & Justin Time, Reese, Twisted Freq, Billy Bunter & CLSM.. Yes, you read right, that's all on one release!!

This exciting project, courtesy of Shanty, Ola and Wolty's labels is already making waves and will prove that there is still unity in the scene, enabling the talented to blow away the established big boys, whose music has become tame and all too familiar, with the fresh upfront trax that the scene is gagging for!