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Jail House

Jail House

Discography :

This is Stage One's house label which specialises in releasing quality, vocal House music.
Its first release was a cover of the classic club track "Take Me Away" and featured the vocal talents of Jennifer Bolton, who had appeared on Stage One's Hardcore labels under the pseudonym Jenka. The favoured mix was by Powerhouse, who released the top 40 hit "Rhythm Of The Night" on 3 Beat Records in 1997.

Jail House's second release, "Lust Not Love", was written by YA Programme featuring Natalie May. This single was written in association with the Youth Awareness Programme, who later went on to work in collaboration with Stage One for their Clued label.

Other artists featured on the label include Menthol Man and vocalist Becks.

The Jail House music policy was to produce more commercial sounding House tracks, featuring live vocals.