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Single Information

Catalogue Number : FUZE14

Release Date : 1999

Label : up2 Fuze

Genre(s) : Drum n Bass

listen_g  A. 'Confrontation'

By : M.A.T.T.
Genre : Drum n Bass

listen_g  AA. 'Energy Vortex'

By : M.A.T.T.
Genre : Drum n Bass

Matt is the latest artist to join forces with the ever growing Fuze camp. He has already had his own tracks released on Juice Records. His solo release "Annihilate" was hard hitting as is his production work he does with team mate Embee under the guise "Indicas Rhythm".
'Confrontation’ wastes no time getting going and is a fierce amen workout from start to finish while, ‘Energy Vortex’ steps things up another level with it's clean strings, pounding basslines and tight production.