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Single Information

Catalogue Number : FUZE26

Release Date : 2000

Label : up2 Fuze

Genre(s) : Drum n Bass

listen_g  A. 'Temprament'

By : The Vagrant
Genre : Drum n Bass

listen_g  B. '7 Bars (Remix)'

By : The Vagrant
Genre : Drum n Bass

listen  C. 'Missing Pieces'

By : The Vagrant
Genre : Drum n Bass

listen_g  D. 'Access'

By : The Vagrant
Genre : Drum n Bass

After 3 years of being the driving force behind Fuze Recordings it's now time for The Vagrant to move things up to the next level.
After 8 solo releases on Fuze Recordings not forgetting contributions to to the Twisted Soundscapes series, The Vagrant now unleashes the Universal Grooves E.P. if you like The Vagrant’s sound and production this offering will not disappoint.

First up is “Temprament”, a bass driven roller with fresh sounding clean beats, rhythmic sound fx, spaced out basslines and sparce atmospherics. Check out the flip for a fresh reworking of “Seven Bars” (originally featured on Twisted Soundscapes vol.2), here all the musical ingredients are present but the beats and basslines have been re stepped and given the year 2000 overhaul.

Things start to get hot when slates C and D come into play. This is where The Vagrant throws out all his normal production techniques and starts to approach things from a different angle. Firstly we are hit up with “Missing Pieces”, a combination of trance style arpeggios, techno stabs, acid squelches and electro rhythms but to finish off the real treat is “Access”. Phased out pad stabs collide with rhythms stepping out on a 3/4 time signature while being laced with delayed percussion loops, intense pads and analogue bass hooks. Strictly for those with an open mind.