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Single Information

Catalogue Number : FUZE31

Release Date : 2002

Label : up2 Fuze

Genre(s) : Drum n Bass

listen  A. 'Bionic'

By : Secret Teknology
Genre : Drum n Bass

listen_g  AA. 'Tutake'

By : Secret Teknology
Genre : Drum n Bass

After a short break, Fuze recordings sets the pace for 2002 and kicks things in with the 2nd solo release from newcomers Secret Technology.
For those who are unaware, Secret Technology is a collaboration between label frontman The Vagrant and goa trance producer Gammaray. When these guys get together the outcome is always interesting.
Things get moving with Bionic, a percussive bongo led workout which steps tightly. Thunderous basslines penetrate as moulded grooves get laced with diverse sound effects, distant pads and analogue squelches.
Check out the flip for more of a dancefloor workout. Tutake lays out a solid vibe with yet more bongo trickery, shuffling beats and deep loose sub tones. Old school rave stabs and dark background vibes get thrown into the mix for good measure helping to create one heavy groove.