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Happy Jack Happy Jack Productions was launched in 1995 by Billy "Daniel" Bunter with administration by Stage One as a bouncy, happy hardcore imprint.
Hardcore Coalition Hardcore Coalition is a split-release project from Dusk Til Dawn, Electronic [Electronica Exposed], Just Another Label, Stompin Choonz [JAL Ltd] and Sound Assassin Recordings [Test Pilot Music Ltd].
Jail House This is Stage One's house label which specialises in releasing quality, vocal House music.
JAL Premium This label was set up so that Stage One would be able to invite the premium Hardcore producers to write together, in new and different collaborations.
Just Another Bootleg Just Another Bootleg (or JAB) was created at some point in the dark distant past to showcase special limited edition releases as a white label and marketed as a bootleg - just for the pure irony of it all...
Just Another Label Just Another Label was set up in 1992 to cater for, and promote, artists that we met whilst distributing records in 1991. At the time, the jungle sound was dark and mysterious and there was a need for a lighter side to the dance scene.
Leg Leg was set up by Total Science alongside Stage One in order to beat the bootleggers!
Machine Funk Info to come...
Narcotix Inc This label was first set up late in 1996 to cater for the new wave of Trip Hop which had emerged in the UK. From the onset, Narcotix Inc. has been highly respected amongst DJ's, magazine journalists and reviewers and the record buying public.
New Sensation New Sensation was established in 1995. The main artists featured on the label were DJ Unity and DNA, producing vocal, piano anthems to all-out, Breakbeat of Hardcore, championed regularly on the dance floor by DJ Unity.
New Vision New Vision Recordings was launched in mid 1998 by long time friends and collaborators Gary J Robinson & David May, devised as a platform for releases by the pair under their production alias of RareForm.
Skin Deep Skin Deep experimented with more down tempo styles and the breakbeat / house style of music, which was becoming more prolific in London during 1998/1999.

Sound Assassin Recordings

Sound Assassin Recordings is a diverse UK Hardcore & Freeform label from music publishing co. Test Pilot Music Ltd.
State Of The Art Established in 1994, State of the Art was the brain-child of three London based producers, who had a vision of creating music with total artistic freedom, adhering to no set pattern or fashionable style.
Stompin Choonz As its name suggests, Stompin' Choonz releases hard-hitting, stompin', Freeform Hardcore.