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Jason Greenhalgh

Jason Greenhalgh

Jason acquired his first piece of studio equipment during the mid 1980's and began DJing in 1987. He released his first tune in 1992 and has released over 50 tracks since, including the popular and extremely wicked “Champion Sound”.

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Name Artists Label
listen_g '#1 Sound' Total Science CIA
listen '#1 Sound (Ebony Dubsters Remix)' Total Science CIA
listen_g '19 Inch Rimz' Q Project CIA
listen '2 Little 2 Late (KG Remix)' Q Project Machine Funk
listen '30 Twelve' Total Science Fix
listen '40 Below' Q Project Function Records
listen_g '5th Density' Total Science CIA
listen '8 Ball' Total Science / Jason "Bassline" Barrymore CIA
listen_g '8 Ball (Craggz & Parallel Forces Remix)' Total Science CIA
listen_g 'A.C.I.' Total Science CIA
listen_g 'Aero Space' Total Science Void Records
listen_g 'After Dark' Total Science CIA
listen 'Airtight (Original Mix)' Funky Technicians Leg
listen_g 'Airtight (Remix)' Funky Technicians Leg
listen_g 'All Clear' Funky Technicians CIA
listen_g 'Ask Not' Q Project CIA
listen 'Backdraft' Funky Technicians CIA
listen_g 'Bang Out VIP' Q Project CIA
listen_g 'Better Days' Q Project CIA
listen_g 'Black Ice' Total Science CIA
listen_g 'Break #1' Total Science CIA
listen_g 'Break #3' Total Science CIA
listen_g 'Break #4' Q Project CIA
listen 'Break Out' Total Science Narcotix Inc
listen_g 'Breakfast Club' Total Science CIA
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8