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Fuze was set up by A-Sides in order to release the harder, experimental side of Drum and Bass. Fuze has proved its popularity with Drum and Bass DJs and the record buying public since its conception.

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Name Artists
listen_g '21st Century Funk' A-Sides
listen '7 Bars' The Vagrant
listen_g '7 Bars (Remix)' The Vagrant
listen_g 'Accelerate' Break
listen_g 'Access' The Vagrant
listen_g 'Allergen' Dylan / Facs
listen_g 'Anaconda' Elementz Of Noize
listen_g 'Angel Dust' Embee
listen_g 'Awareness' Elementz Of Noize
listen 'Bionic' Secret Teknology
listen_g 'Blowpipe' Dylan / Facs
listen_g 'Bomb Squad' The Vagrant
listen 'Cannibal' Sonic
listen 'Change' Sonic
listen_g 'Clockwork' The Spirit
listen_g 'Clockwork (Revamped)' The Spirit
listen_g 'Closer' Accidental Heroes
listen_g 'Confliction' A-Sides
listen_g 'Confrontation' M.A.T.T.
listen_g 'Cryocold' Embee
listen_g 'Dark Harmonix' The Vagrant
listen_g 'Deal It' Total Science
listen_g 'Diagram' Skeptic
listen_g 'Dirt' A-Sides
listen_g 'Disected' A-Sides
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