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Attn Sync Clients!

For any potential clients wishing to license our music for sync purposes, please bear in mind that this site is merely a representation of our dance music history.
As it is aimed mostly at end users, we are in the process of developing a new site specifically for the sync world, which will contain a wealth of material not available online anywhere at present.

If you wish to hear some of our current sync-specific projects, please visit The Dance Music Library site (currently under construction), or contact us directly for a more current overview of what we have to offer.

Also, stay poised for our new site, as it promises to be a flexible and comprehensive catalog of music, with cutting edge features and database capabilities, creating a user friendly one-stop music licensing shop, all accessible at the click of a mouse.

JAL on screen!

For all those JAL fans out there, we have some good news! We’re currently looking into releasing some new material over the next year or so. read more

News for 2010

Hi all, Just stopping by to wish you all a belated-but-happy New Year and bring you a round-up of the latest JAL goings on! read more

Kutski's JAL Mix

Hello Hardcore Land! We've got a bit of a treat for you! Radio One's Hardcore and Hard Dance pioneer Kutski has recently put together a JAL mix for his show! read more

200% Hardcore Soldout

Yo! Sorry guys.. No more, Nada, Nothing. 200% Hardcore is all sold out! read more

PC Plod Gets It So VERY WRONG!

Never fear, Britain.. The Police Service are keeping our streets safe for yet another day! HAHAHA.. Check out this article about Devon police deploying 4 cars, a riot van AND a helicopter, to break up a Birthday BBQ they thought to be a 'rave'! read more


Most Uplifting Vocal Anthems.. read more

New CD Offer

Say what?! 5 CDs of your choice for £5 pounds. Yes! That's right, for just a Lady, a Blue One or to most of us; A FIVER.. You can now pick any five CDs from the store! read more
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