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To all you budding producers out there..

Ever fancied getting your music placed in TV, Radio or Film?! Get in touch!
Just Another Label Ltd and our sister company The Dance Music Library are currently expanding our artists roster, due to taking on a wider range of multimedia clients. Therefore, we wanna hear from you guys!

If you can produce a diverse range of electronica to a decent standard and want to start getting your music heard, send us a demo of what you can do to the address at the top of the page...  Then, wait for us to get in touch! It's as simple as that!!

We ALWAYS reply to people who send us demo's and give constructive criticism and pointers to the best of our ability! However, don't send us a one off master copy, as we regretfully can't return the CD's we get sent, due to the volume of what comes in!

Look forward to hearing from you guys.

Aedan  - Just Another Office Monkey!!

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year guys! Hoping it's a good one for all of the bassheads and ravers out there! read more

Hardcore.. Getcha Hardcore here!!

Roll up, roll up... The JAL shop is positively chocka right now! read more

Calling all producers!

To any of you out there making your own beats, or even professional producers with unsigned catalogue at the ready.. Please, read on! read more

'Ardcore Coalition!!

Right guys, we're up to EP 03 of our Hardcore Coalition releases and still selling hard and fast.. read more

Illegal Ravin'

Some of the JAL crew are involved in a pilot scheme called FoX - Freedom of Xpression, which aims to create safe party-going environments which, hopefully, wont result in a night in a cell! Here's what happened when FoX met the man (well, several men) trying to keep the ravers down: read more

Downloadz Down Low

JAL has responded to the needs of the raver and dropped our download prices! read more

Spring Sale

Blow away those winter blues with insane reductions on quality tuneage! read more
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