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Hardcore Coalition

JAL is proud to announce the formation of a new imprint, Hardcore Coalition.

This new label pairs the established hardcore labels JAL, Dusk til Dawn and Stompin Choons with new kids on the block, Sound Assassin and Electronic, and was founded to promote unreleased material by talented new artists, who have been shunned by the so-called “popular” Hardcore DJs on the scene selfishly promoting their own labels in the clubs and raves.

Hardcore Coalition will prove that there is still unity in the scene, enabling the talented to blow away the established big boys, whose music has become tame and all too familiar, with the fresh upfront trax that the scene is gagging for!

Forthcoming Releases

We have a handful of forthcoming releases to share with you, showcasing some of the fresh new talent JAL is working with. read more

Freeformation ‘Wise Up Get Stupid’ CD Out Now

'Freeformation’… the fun-filled, carnival crazy, anything goes, rave night headed by Sharkey, Kevin Energy and The Nu Energy Collective! read more

Download/Shop Update

Guys! Thank you so much for your patience in getting this site up and running. We are currently still uploading our catalogue for you to buy and download, but once it's done will be an online shop to be reckoned with...... read more

The JAL scout!

That's right guys.. Get those demo's at the ready 'cos JAL are looking for some hot new talent to give the old boys a run for their money!! read more

Ravers Unite!!

Members of the JAL and Test Pilot Music crew and some of the Just Another Label/DML artists have teamed up in support of the raver massive to create the group ‘Freedom of Xpression’ or ‘FoX’ for short. read more

Reminder from the team..

Now, with this spangly new site to peruse and admire, a lot of the raver crew might forget to check out the most recently released material on JAL's labels. But fear not, now we've got your attention, we won't let you miss a trick... read more launched

Welcome to, the home not just of the hard and happy music and all the dancefloor smashes of past and present that you'd associate with JAL, but also of all the diverse music styles which make us the eclectic music organisation that we are. read more
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