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Various Artists Vol. 2

Album Information

Various Artists Vol. 2

Release Date : Mar 2005

Catalogue Number : CIAVACD02

Label : up2 CIA


  1. [CIA]
    listen  'Super Fuzz'
    by Baron
  2. [CIA]
    listen  'Lightspeed'
    by DJ Friction
  3. [CIA]
    listen  'Off Balance'
    by The Spirit
  4. [CIA]
    listen  'Need Someone'
    by Drumsound / Simon "Bassline" Smith
  5. [CIA]
    listen  'Latest Request'
    by Digital
  6. [CIA]
    listen  'Pop Psychology'
    by Total Science
  7. [CIA]
    listen  'Cheap & Nasty'
    by Calibre / Beta 2 / Zero Tolerance
  8. [CIA]
    listen  'Return To Paradise'
    by XRS
  9. [CIA]
    listen  'Erasoul'
    by Basic Operations
  10. [CIA]
    listen  '305'
    by M.I.S.T.
  11. [CIA]
    listen  'Beat The Machines'
    by D Kay
  12. [CIA]
    listen  'Trouble'
    by Total Science
World-renowned Drum and Bass duo Total Science are proud to present Audioworks Various Artists Volume 2, featuring dance floor stormers from the cream of the drum & bass crop.

Featuring some of the greatest releases to ever feature on Total Science’s own highly respected labels C.I.A. and Advanced, this album brings you a showcase of not only some of the best of both labels, but drum and bass’ finest talent from around the world today.

The eclectic mix of styles on this album really does have something for every taste and preference, from the jump-up dancefloor smasher ‘Superfuzz’ by C.I.A’s very own anthem wonder boy Baron, to the ghostly ‘Off Balance’ by fellow Metalheadz stalwart Spirit, to the melodically sweet ‘Erasoul’ from US-based Basic Operations, this album perfectly showcases the diversity of C.I.A. and Advanced at its best.

After nearly ten years in the business, the attachment of ‘M.I.S.T.’ to the production credits of a record still ensures a stamp of quality. Since their early efforts for labels such as Flex and their own Intalex Productions to the more recent launch of their critically acclaimed Soul:R, Marcus Intalex and ST Files have provided Drum and Bass with a guarantee of quality over quantity, pushing the envelope at every stage. ‘305’ exemplifies MIST’s talent for creating music which is both hard and aggressive while still maintaining a melodic, crisp substance for which this duo have become renowned.

When conjuring up thoughts of the more musical side of Drum & Bass, Calibre is certainly an artist who stands at the forefront of one’s attention. Well known for his unique take on, in his own words, “21st century blues & soul”, Calibre is revered amongst the D&B community as a true musical master. Featuring on this album alongside fellow Irishmen Beta 2 & Zero Tolerance - ‘Cheap & Nasty’ - the track featured here infuses mellow, jazzy vibes with James Brown breaks, ragga stabs and smooth, soulful vocals.

Hailing from the cultural epicentre which is Sao Paulo, Brazil, XRS alongside his label-mate & DJ partner Marky have in the past few years achieved super-status in their own country, whilst breathing a new life into Drum & Bass with their unique fusion between the rich Brazilian musical legacy and the urban sound of a 21st century megalopolis, with added helpings of funk, soul and energy. ‘Return To Paradise’ sheds a deep, meaningful light on the Brazillian Vibe. Rolling snares and electro-infused stabs combine with soft melodies and smoothly swaying basslines. Still maintaining his signature latin flavour, XRS has managed to create a mellow and sweet little roller infused with a touch of jazz.

After completing his freshman years releasing jump-up mayhem on C.I.A, Baron has gone from strength to strength and has quickly established himself as one of the brightest newcomers to the D&B scene. ‘Super Fuzz’ featured on his ‘Wobble Inc.’ EP, and is the perfect example of his trademark sound. Wobbly, catchy and designed to create madness on the dancefloor!

Top all these massive tunes off with equally fantastic contributions from heavyweights D Kay, Friction, Simon “Bassline” Smith & Drumsound, Q Project and Total Science themselves, this album becomes a classic amongst it’s counterparts.