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East Side

East Side

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From the heart of East London, East Side Records is an established Drum and Bass label, which was set up in November 1996 and now features the young talent of DJs and producers in the area of East London.
East Side's Music Policy: Raw Drum ‘n’ Bass, tight drum work and booming sub bass are the ingredients which make EAST SIDE popular on Drum and Bass dance floors all over the world.

Label owner/producer, A-Sides, has been producing for around 15 years and now runs the East Side label alone. Previously, he ran it with the help of Stage One. He is one of the main recording artists on the label and also finds time to record for other labels such as Metalheads, Bear Necessities, Genetic Stress and  Mac II.

Other producers with the label are East London based Cool Hand Flex, who has been producing Drum and Bass since day one and Mikey James, who works with A-Sides under the name The Flava Unit and also records under the name Mikey James. Magistrate is one of the new breed and records for East Side, Juice Records and Splash Records. He also collaborates with A-Sides under the name of Fate. D’Cruze, one of the Old Skool producers, also had solo releases for East Side. Many of the releases have received regular plays by top UK DJ's such as Jumpin Jack Frost, Randall and Kenny Ken, on the Drum 'n' Bass shows on Kiss FM.