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Faze Freak

Faze Freak

Discography :

Faze Freak's concept is to cross-section Happy, vocal Hardcore with deep and mysterious Freeform Trancecore, incorporating breakbeats and keeping the sound fresh and modern.

Always using original vocals and ideas, the labels maintains it's high standards by steering clear of the stereotypical trait of imitating other compositions, and employing the talents of good producers, old and new.

Faze Freak evolved in late 1998, when Stage One wanted to cater for all genres of Hardcore on one label. Once the painstaking processes of designing artwork and selecting producers were in place, Frisky began writing lyrics with songsters Daniella and Becks.

The opening track guested Next Generation's super team - Brisk and Ham, with their remixes of "Clearly Now", a track which sold considerably well for a first release, proving particularly popular with Slipmatt and Breeze and being licensed to Vibes' mix on Bonkers 6 in Summer 1999.

In the short time it has been running, Faze Freak has quickly risen to popularity and can be heard in numerous DJ sets by the likes of Dougal, Slipmatt, Sy and Force and Styles.