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JAL Premium

JAL Premium

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Discography :

This label was set up so that Stage One would be able to invite the premium Hardcore producers to write together, in new and different collaborations.

The first release on the label, "Here I Am" by the invincible team of DJ Ham, DJ Demo and Justin Time, featuring the vocal talents of Becks, was probably the biggest anthem of 1996 and has been played nationwide in raves ever since.

This release was revived at the end of 1997, with remixes of "Here I Am" by DJ Brisk, and "Big Spill" remixes by DJ Slipmatt and DJ Demo, and again in Summer 1999, when DJ Ham also remixed and revamped "Here I Am", calling it simply, "Here I Am '99".

JAL Premium released the debut anthem "Eternity", by Triple J, a collaboration between top Hardcore DJ Jimmy J, studio wizard Justin Time and vocal diva Jenka. Triple J went on to produce one of the scene's biggest tracks, "Follow The Sun" which has sold over 6,000 units to date and is still selling.

Other producers who have appeared on this label are Brisk, Trixxy and DJ DNA, although Justin Time is the main producer for this label. Premium is one of the premium labels in the Hardcore scene, setting standards of excellence in production whilst maintaining a traditional hardcore vibe, popular with all Hardcore DJs and ravers alike.

For the future Premium will take a back seat for a while and keep an eye on the scene for fresh talent emerging from the underground. It intends to provide a platform for inspired producers, singers & DJs to appear on the premium label of the Hardcore scene.

Stay in line though, the label's policy is that an artist can only appear on the label once.