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This revolutionary and controversial label has caused stirs in both the Hardcore and Hard Trance scenes and has been tried and tested nationwide by DJs like Bunter, Ramos, Sharkey, M Zone, Cally, Tony De Vit, Stu Allen, Pete Wardman, Judge Jules & Graham Gold to name a few.
Bridging the tempo gap between Hard Trance & Hardcore, XY2 has been influential in pushing the Trance/Hardcore style called Trancecore which has given a new vibe to the Dance scene.

The concept has created hype for the label and initiated a crossover between the two styles. Now we are finding hard Trance DJ's all over Europe playing tracks from these labels,as well as our loyal Hardcore DJ supporters.

XY2 release quality underground sounds in a scene full of commercial sounding music, blending the energy of Hardcore with the epic melodies of Trance and Techno, produced by artists who have been making music for over five years and have established names within both scenes. This label is for producers, as they are the people who create foundations for innovation in all dance genres, not the over-hyped DJs.

XY2 has received extensive magazine exposure and attention in club culture, to quote M8 magazine on XY2: "Stage One are up to their old tricks again. I mean, who else sets the standard better than these guys and who else flips the diversity of the scene on its head and dares to be a little bit different?"

The main recording artists on XY2 are Helix, Citadel Of Kaos, Ad Man, Tekno Dred and DJ Fury. The future direction of this label is to continue to release hard hitting, hard edged underground Dance and stay loyal to the underground scene in the face of the current commercial sounds of Trance.

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