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Single Information

Catalogue Number : FUZE28

Release Date : 2001

Label : up2 Fuze

Genre(s) : Drum n Bass

listen_g  A. 'Red Lights'

By : Futurebound / Recall
Genre : Drum n Bass

listen  AA. 'The Rager'

By : Futurebound / Recall
Genre : Drum n Bass

Fuze Recordings is proud to bring you the debut release from The Phaze Syndicate. They came straight out of Liverpool and are spearheaded by Mark Chandler, Mike Cave and BC of Future Bound fame.
Have recorded material for many high profile labels such as Infared, Skanna Recordings, Moving Shadow, Timeless and Partisan. The Phaze Syndicate are set to whip up a storm in 2001 and get things rolling nicely with this fresh double header...

Things start out neat with “Red Lights”, an awesome slice of analogue funk which works well on the dance floor. The production is faultless and the beats run smooth and neat as tight and fresh basslines get twisted around analogue bleeps, creating a more smooth and uplifting vibe.

“The Rager” takes you on a deeper level and has more of a hard edged feel to it. The beats are crunched up and programmed with precision as furious sub bass tones rumble alongside filtered stab hits, distant strings and occasional vocal snippets.