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Single Information

Catalogue Number : EAST22

Release Date : 1998

Label : up2 East Side

Genre(s) : Drum and Bass / Drum & Bass

listen_g  A. 'Wass Up'

By : Shape Shifter
Genre : Drum and Bass

listen_g  B. 'Decompression'

By : Shape Shifter
Genre : Drum & Bass

This is the latest offering from new Eastside artist Shape Shifter.
Many of you would have heard previous offerings from Shape Shifter on “The New School Flava Compilation” on Sour Records or various releases on the No Smoking label also under the name Al Massive. “Wassup” has a dark hip hop vibe to it with funky acid basslines, phat beats, high passed Amen edits and rap vocals. “Decompression” is strictly for the sci-fi crew with a Bladerunner type intro, switching beats and a tearin Amen workout twisted up over deep, deep basslines.