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WOW! What A Rush!! Vol. 2

Album Information

WOW! What A Rush!! Vol. 2

Release Date : May 1999

Catalogue Number : WOWCD02

Label : up2 Just Another Label

The aptly entitled Wow! (What A Rush) series began life with a sampler CD priced at £1.99 retail and did exceptionally well on sales at the end of 1998. Fresh for 1999 is the follow up in the series, available on both 4 pack vinyl & double CD formats.

Wow! What A Rush!! Vol 2 is an uplifting, exhilarating and energetic Hardcore mix experience. After the success and positive feedback from the previous sampler, JAL is proud to present the follow up in the series. Containing an impressive selection of tried and tested Happy tracks, including seven exclusive and sought after gems, not available on any other release, Wow (What A Rush) has been mixed and compiled by Hardcore success story, Triple J.

Voted 1997’s top producers by the ravers themselves, Triple J are Jimmy J, Moon dance and Labyrinth resident, famous for “6 Days” with Cru-L-T; Justin Time, the most sought after Hardcore producer on the circuit and envied for his production skills, mix down techniques and vocal arranging abilities; and vocal diva, Jennifer “Jenka” Bolton, who has been long-tagged “The Voice of Hardcore”.

Unlike many other compilation mix albums, Wow (What A Rush) features full length versions of all tracks in the mix, and comes as a either a double pack CD, one mixed, one not, and a DJ friendly 4 piece vinyl presentation for the exclusive tracks. Jimmy J has mixed the album, Justin Time has compiled it and Jennifer Bolton’s soothing voice is featured on three of the tracks.

With the feeling that it’s time to take stock of what they have achieved so far in their career, Triple J have used the concept of Wow (What A Rush 2) to remix, revamp and redo past, present and future, not only with their own portfolio, but also collaborating new and remixed material from established artists such as Brisk, Ham, Demo, DNA, Breeze, Frisky, Force ‘n’ Styles, Donna Blakely, Twist, Amen UK and Becks.