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Album Information

Audioworks Vol. 1

Release Date : Jul 2001

Catalogue Number : CIAAWCD01

Label : up2 CIA

This first installment from the Audio Works imprint brings to you a unique collection courtesy of Total Science, one of the top producing pairs in the Drum and Bass scene, who have made a massive impact on the Drum and Bass sound and have inspired many other producers to follow in their paths.

Total Science are an inspirational pair, whose production skills are matched only by their end product. This album sees a collection of some of the more raw Drum and Bass you're likely to hear, with trancy, breakbeat undertones and a real bass kick.

As you would expect, the inclusion of a mix of Champion Sound goes without saying, especially the gritty version on this first Audioworks album. However, Total Science have enlisted the help of Spirit and Phantom Audio to remix a couple of tracks included on the album, the first of which is an intelligent, euphoric mix of Rotation laid down expertly by Spirit. The second, an eery, mysterious thumper of a track, is Nine Numbers proving Phantom Audio's remixing abilities.

Q Project (one half of Total Science) has had releases on many of the top Drum and Bass labels and is going from strength to strength, DJ'ing all over the world representing his sound, and running the labels CIA, Skindeep and (just recently) Advance alongside his partner, Spinback. Spinback does alot of the engineering for Total Science and has worked with Moving Shadow, Metalheadz and Partizan, to name but a few.

Total Science have also made quite an impression on the Breaks and Beats genre. Adam Freeland, Rennie Pilgrim, Patrick Forge and Giles Peterson are keen followers of the Total Science Beats and Breaks sound.

Featured on this LP is a collection of intelligent works by the pair, including a remix of "Wot's My Code?", old-skool jungle flavoured dubplate, a dark, futuristic stomper in "Cylon", and the breakbeat flavour of "Chill Factor".

Priced to entice, this album is a genuine bargain which won't disappoint.