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Audioworks Vol. 3

Album Information

Audioworks Vol. 3

Release Date : Dec 2002

Catalogue Number : CIAAWCD03

Label : up2 CIA

Following the well received first album from Audioworks, we are proud to present the follow up in the series which is a continuation of the awesome Drum & Bass / Beats and Breaks duo Total Science's musical history.

Over the passed few years Total Science aka Jason Greenhalgh and Paul Smith from Oxfordshire have made a massive impact on the Drum & Bass. Rising from the unknown to the famous they have inspired many other producers to follow in their path, transforming and adding Rave edges as well as futuristic vibes into the Drum & Bass scene and making it more accessible to a wider audience worldwide.

They have had releases on all the top Drum & Bass labels and are growing from strength to strength, DJ'ing all over the world representing their sound, and running the labels:- CIA, Skindeep and Advance.

They are not new to the scene and have been producing since 1988. Infact Jason Greenhalgh is responsible for that all time Rave / Drum & Bass classic "Champion Sound" first released in 1992. This record has lasted the test of time and is a 'True Classic' as it is still selling now and is very much in demand.

Total Science have also made quite an impression in the Breaks and Beats genre. Adam Freeland, Rennie Pilgrim, Patrick Forge, Giles Peterson are keen followers of the Total Science Beats and Breaks sound.

This LP is a must have collection of Total Science and features their more recent popular adventures. It includes the massive "Taxman" and an exclusive mix of the floor filler "Make me Feel" amongst many other known and undiscovered gems. It also features remixes - the Future Cut mix of "Kingpin" and a Calibre mix of "Juicy Fruit".

An album that is a true reflection of the music and priced to entice, this album is a genuine bargain which won't disappoint.