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Contagious Drum & Bass Vol 1

Album Information

Contagious Drum & Bass Vol 1

Release Date : Aug 2000

Catalogue Number : CONCD1

Label : up2 Just Another Label

Disc 1

  1. listen_g  'Spinechilla'
    by The Spirit / Rareform
  2. [Phuturistic Blues]
    listen_g  'Delusions'
    by Fellowship
  3. listen_g  'Swordfish'
    by X Men
  4. [XXX]
    listen  'Capacitor'
    by B Key
  5. [Biotic]
    listen_g  'Plankton'
    by Dylan & Facs
  6. [FX]
    listen_g  'Beneath The Surface'
    by Side FX
  7. [CIA]
    listen  'Champion Sound (Bad Company Remix)'
    by Q Project
  8. listen_g  'Calibre'
    by A-Sides
  9. listen_g  'Return'
    by Majistrate
  10. [Fuze]
    listen_g  'Time (Matrix Remix)'
    by The Vagrant
  11. listen  'Breakin' Point'
    by Legacy
  12. listen  'Where Does It Hurt?'
    by Mission Control
  13. [Clued]
    listen  'Music Maker (Majistrate Remix)'
    by MC MC / The Rushour
  14. [Phantom Audio]
    listen_g  'Phantom Force'
    by The Spirit / Digital
Contagious Music are proud to present the first in our infectious low cost, high quality DJ mixed Dance series kicking it of with a 14 track CD “Drum and Bass Floor Fillers” mixed by “TOTAL SCIENCE”.

This is a selection of the more harder hitting tracks from some of the most inspired Drum & Bass producers of today’s scene who are shaping the future sound of the music with all eyes on them, waiting for their next steps. All tunes are unique in the fact that they, in one way or another, are connected to The Stage One Music Co Ltd via record or publishing deals. All tracks featured have been previously released with vinyl sales of 12,000 units on each release.

Priced to entice at a price that's right, don't be fooled by the cost of this album and think that it’s full of fillers, the only fillers on this album are floor-filling club anthems, tracks tried, tested and smashed by DJs all over the world.

This album features tracks that have made the scene what it is today, it includes the in yer face “SPINE CHILLA” by Rareform (featuring Spirit), which certainly has such a spooky edge to it and you feel it in your bones. Next up is the track “DELUSIONS” with it’s funked up beat that goes crazy and at the end the bass takes over and moves you. Following on is the hard-hitting “SWORDFISH” from the X Men. This track is heavy, a definite one to work up a sweat to. The amen smasher “CAPACITOR” by the up and coming B-Key, flows on a similar vibe with hard bass that is almost thrown at you, commanding your attention. The sick sound of “PLANKTON” by that head case duo Dylan & Facs keeps things on a level.

The deep and dark “BENEATH THE SURFACE” by the mysterious Side FX creeps up at you from a distance. The one and only classic “CHAMPION SOUND” by the legendary Q Project (remixed by the awesome Bad Company), has an absolute raw to the core sound that gets at you from every angle. The dancefloor smasher “CALIBRE” by the icon A -Sides (remixed by Ed Rush) evokes total energy in true Drum and Bass style, whilst the fat & futuristic “TIME” (remixed by Matrix) hits with a vengeance. The crisp and pumping sound of “BREAKIN’ POINT” by Legacy (the new alias of Total Science), is a sure-fire way of keeping you alive and kicking. The twisted “WHERE DOES IT HURT” by the underrated Mission Control will definitely hurt you with its nasty breaks. The dub infected “PHANTOM FORCE” by the talented Digital & Spirit, has a hard-hitting edge complete with MC vocals for that extra touch. Finally there’s the vibey “MUSIC MAKER” by the energetic MC MC which is sure to keep you bouncing ‘til you sweat!

All in all, this is a wicked album and an excellent pick-me-up, so try it out!