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Contagious Drum & Bass Vol 2

Album Information

Contagious Drum & Bass Vol 2

Release Date : Feb 2001

Catalogue Number : CONCD2

Label : up2 Just Another Label

Disc 1

  1. [Biotic]
    listen_g  'Terrordome'
    by Dylan & Bkey
  2. [Fuze]
    listen  'Change'
    by Sonic
  3. [Phantom Audio]
    listen  'Phoenix'
    by The Spirit
  4. [Fuze]
    listen  'The Rager'
    by Futurebound / Recall
  5. [BC Recordings]
    listen  'Sentient'
    by Bad Company
  6. [XXX]
    listen  'Warpath (Dylan Remix)'
    by Tekno Dred / Mission Control
  7. listen  'Steel'
    by Subject Matter
  8. listen  'Deception'
    by Legacy
  9. listen  'Crazy'
    by A-Sides
  10. [Biotic]
    listen  'Studly'
    by Facs & Bkey
  11. listen  'Feel It'
    by Q Project
  12. listen  'Game 9 (A-Sides Dancefloor Remix)'
    by Fire & Theft
  13. [CIA]
    listen  'Freeze'
    by Total Science
  14. listen  'Tear'
    by Skeptic
Facs & B Key mix up a storm for the second installment of Contagious Drum & Bass!

This is a further selection of the harder hitting tracks from some of the most inspired Drum & Bass producers of today’s scene who are shaping the future sound of the music. All tunes are unique in the fact that they, in one way or another, are connected to The Stage One Music Co Ltd via record or publishing deals. All tracks featured have been previously released with vinyl sales of 12,000 units on each release.

Priced to entice at a price that's right, don't be fooled by the cost of this album and think that it’s full of fillers, the only fillers on this album are floor-filling club anthems, tracks tried, tested and smashed by DJs all over the world.

This album features tracks that have made the scene what it is today. it includes the hard and dark bass thriller "Sentient" by Bad Company, the awesomely suspenseful "Warpath", which combines the immense talents of Mission Control with undeniably the most recognizable name in the industry, Tekno Dred. Furthermore, what would a drum 'n' bass CD do without the world-famous A-Sides gracing its tracklisting? Eastside recordings' owner proves his domination of the drum 'n' bass genre with the bass-laden "Crazy", which raises the hairs all the way down your back with its perfectly produced fills and flavours.

Not to forget possibly the greatest dance music producer of our time, included in the Fire and Theft trio, Matt Carlton, who presents Narcotix Inc's "Game 9", this time given the A-Sides remix treatment, still featuring Rebecca Carlton's haunting vocals. Total Science have joined the party with their CIA recordings' intelligent and sexy thumper, "Freeze". Facs and have covered all the bases with an awesome mix of talent and style, including their own additions in the form of "Studly" and Bkey's outing with Dylan, the old-skool flavoured "Terrordome", which kicks the album off in real style!

All in all, this is a wicked album and an excellent pick-me-up, so try it out!