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200% Nu Energy

Album Information

200% Nu Energy

Release Date : May 2002

Catalogue Number : NRGCD2

Label : up2 The Nu Energy Collective

Digital integration, hard dance assassination, freeform stimulation.. for a hardcore generation!!

On this album we are proud to put forward our two most successful and ground breaking DJs Kevin Energy and Sharkey. Both are renowned for tearing parties to pieces worldwide and have collaborated here for their first ever mixed compilation. Once again to celebrate the ever growing success and popularity of this sound we are proud to offer you this special mix at a value price to thank all our listeners that have supported the unique ‘Nu Energy’ sound.

Kevin Energy has been voted the best DJ in the Hardcore scene at (the central online home of Hardcore). You can hear him at every major event in the UK where he regularly gets voted ‘Set of the Night’ whether the party be big or small. The reputation of Kevin’s unique producing and crowd pleasing skills have secured Kevin’s place in history as a pioneer in his own right along with Sharkey, Kaos, Brisk, K-Complex and the rest of the Nu Energy Collective crew. Because of this success, the Hardcore scene is getting bigger and better worldwide.

Alongside the Hardcore scene, Kevin’s renowned DJ and production skills have led to an abundance of work in the Hardhouse / NRG scene. After just three sets at Brixton Academy’s Pendragon, Kevin is now their resident last set DJ. Promoter Marc Sinclair said, “Kevin is fresh for our scene. His music is raw, and combined with his DJ skills he makes the perfect man for the last set at my parties. On New Year’s Eve he blew the roof off at the Brixton Academy – it was wicked!” As well as Pendragon, Kevin is also a resident at Atomic Energy where promoter Dean has realized the potential and power in Kevin’s music. Fahrenheit is another London promoter who has picked up on Kevin’s talents.

In the last year Kevin has toured Canada, USA, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. In his most recent tour of Australia Kevin’s set was voted ‘Set of the Year’ at System 6 in Adelaide. When asked about his trip Kevin said, “Australia was unbelievable! The crowds there just love it harder and faster. I was able play my Trancecore releases in Hardhouse clubs and they still wanted it madder! I can’t wait for my next tour out there!”

Also helping the Trancecore scene, Sharkey is the star behind React Music’s biggest selling album ‘Bonkers’. He was responsible for the big Trancecore movement several years ago and has continued to push it into the new sound of Hardcore today. He is considered one of many raver’s top 5 favorite DJs and plays at nearly all major UK raves. Sharkey also regularly tours for the Nu Energy Collective in the USA, Canada, Japan and Australia. In addition, he is signed for another five albums on the React label. The future is looking bright for the man as his own label, ‘Bonkers’, has in the past, gained prime time tune of the week on John Peel’s Radio 1 show!

These two hardworking DJs along with the Nu Energy Label Collective have secured their place in the future of the rave scene by keeping their musical elements fresh and diverse. Now the appeal of their new rave sound has crossed into the Hardhouse and Trance scenes making them two of the most promising DJs / producers for the future of the electronic music movement.