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Solid State

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Anybody that has been reading the popular music press over the last few years or so will not have been able to escape the name 'Solid State'.

With constant reviews and features attempting to define their cutting edge sound, these guys are arguably the pioneers of Funk Fusion / Drum 'n' Bass.

Never ones for being content with past accomplishments, they are always "pushing the envelope" further, forever rewriting the script and creating a totally new brand of Funk that they have entitled 'Urban Fusion'.

This sound, 'Urban Fusion', they have not allowed to be confined to Drum'n'Bass, as they have displayed on countless releases, with their scintillating downtempo grooves.

It would be hard to describe their sound in a nutshell, as it's constantly evolving, hitting you on a deeper level, and would not be done justice to be pigeon-holed.

This is music that has to be listened to many times over as there is always something you miss first time around, it's a constant journey of pure vibes!

The guys behind this 'Urban Fusion' movement are: Dextrous, Paul and Jon. These guys formed 'Solid State', due to the conception of their label 'State of the Art Recording' in 1995. The 3 of them met on 'Kool FM', way back in 1994.

Dextrous had already established a name for himself writing and producing on his labels: 'King of the Jungle Records', 'Subliminal Recordings' and 'Subversive Recordings' , as well as a few other labels such as 'Suburban Base', 'Pursuit' and Riddim Track Recordings'. He started DJing back in 1987 when he played mainly Funk and Rare Groove.

His recording career was kick started in 1992 due to his release entitled "Ruffneck Bizzness" on 'Shut Up And Dance Records'' sister label 'Ruff Quality Recordings". He has had over 70 releases/remixes under his belt under various pseudonyms and has recorded/remixed for many other labels such as 'Reinforced', 'Ganja', 'Renk/Sony', 'Jet Star', 'Vital Essence', 'Saxon Records' and 'Public Demand' to name but a few, and has DJed around the world.

Paul and Jon had been DJ partners for some time on 'Kool FM' before linking up with Dextrous and had remixed a track called "Substance" on 'Underdog Recordings'. They record under the name "State Logik" and have released material on many labels such as 'Renegade Recordings', 'Subversive Recordings', 'Pterodactyl' and 'Narcotics' to name but a few as well as 'State of the Art Recordings'.

'State of the Art Recordings' was born out of the guys frustration with the blinkered attitude towards what recordings were exceptable to put out. They didn't want to conform to the excepted formula that was shaping the scene, so Dextrous had the idea of starting up a label where you could put out what you wanted, music you loved making that would not normally be geared towards the dance floor. This came as somewhat of a surprise to Paul and Jon, but with their countless conversations, the essence of the label had been set in motion, summarized by the label's motto: "The freedom to create".

Dextrous, Paul and Jon have totally lived up to these statements, and it will be very exciting to see what the future holds for them. "Let it flow guys!"