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Single Information

Catalogue Number : FAZE1

Release Date : 2000

Label : up2 Faze Freak

Genre(s) : Hardcore

FAZE1A-MP3 - 320kbps MP3 download
Available for direct download
FAZE1AA-MP3 - 320kbps MP3 download
Available for direct download

listen  A. 'Clearly Now (Brisk Remix)'

By : Frisky / Daniella Delmonte
Genre : Hardcore

listen  AA. 'Clearly Now (Ham Remix)'

By : Frisky / Daniella Delmonte
Genre : Hardcore

Hardcore’s latest lady friend, Frisky, is back, back, back. After her previous antics with fellow “Give It To Me” producer, Twist she has decided to ‘go solo’ and brave the jungle of Hardcore thickets alone.
After 1998’s Christmas success of “Give It To Me” (JAL Premium), Frisky returns on the one’s and two’s with “Clearly Now”, a tune that’s already graced the decks of Slipmatt and Vibes.

“Clearly Now” is a fine example of a first release for Frisky’s new label Faze Freak and is the first of many. With the welcome assistance of Next Generation front men, the unsurpassed `Brisk and Ham, Frisky has been working, for the last 6 months, on a fool-proof strategy for the new label venture with Stage One. The key? Originality.
Faze Freak has much to offer over the coming year, not only musically, but also on the artwork side of things.

On the A-side, Brisk’s style stands out, as he performs wonders with Daniella’s vocals, adding highly resonated riffs, feet-shifting percussion and an infectious rap snatch and possibly the best advice you’ll ever need, ‘Dance to the beat, jump up and down’.

On the flip, Ham makes sickeningly good use of mesmerising pads and strings to create thought provoking melody lines, incorporating a set of toe-tickling percussive breaks and drum patterns. As per usual, Ham applies his brilliant piece of magic to this delightfully, dreamy remix.