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Single Information

Catalogue Number : MA29

Release Date : 2001

Label : up2 Bear Necessities

Genre(s) : Drum n Bass

listen  A. 'Opus'

By : Strategy
Genre : Drum n Bass

listen  AA. '3 Phase'

By : Strategy
Genre : Drum n Bass

“3 Phase” shows an urgency from the offset that you wonder how can be kept up...
The rapid filtered breaks are soon joined by sliding fx and more melodic elements that quickly bring the track beautifully into context. Slowly building in stature, it proceeds towards the entrance of the extremely catchy bassline which you’ll no doubt find yourself humming at some point or another! From here onwards the track allows us to enjoy its rather more smooth approach with the pad and string arrangements washing nicely over the chasing rhythms.
On the flip comes “Opus”. Yet again this track takes the more melodic approach to Drum n Bass that works so well in this genre. High pass filtered pads bring us in with the string section and other keyboard tickles soon following. Intertwined in the mix also, are some nicely used vocal snippets and other attractive sound bites. Finally a well executed synth bassline is introduced to give the track everything it needs.
A clean, crisp production technique allows both these tracks to contain some emotional musical elements and still hold space for every sound in the mix.