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Illegal Ravers Vol. 1

Album Information

Illegal Ravers Vol. 1

Release Date : Jul 2006

Catalogue Number : IRCD01

Label : up2 Just Another Label

Introducing Illegal Ravers, a fresh rebellious album concept from Just Another Label and the Nu Energy Collective here to rise up against convention, break down musical barriers and inject some underground attitude back into mix albums without breaking the bank!

The full spectrum of upfront underground dance features on this eclectic 17 track selection from Noyeahno’s London underground grime sound and Ephexis’ nu skool breakbeat, to the spine-tingling hardcore rush of Kevin Energy & Cube::Hard’s ‘Voice Of Calm’, a much loved tune caned at modern raves like Slammin Vinyl, Frantic and Hardcore Til I Die.

Rave classics and underground anthems bridge a link to the underground charge of raves gone by with gut-ripping drum and bass from Bad Company, Optical and Q Project, bouncy hard house from rave veteran Billy Bunter and dark tribal techno from underground legends Helix and Braniac. Proven rave cuts that still do the damage today!

Burgeoning future talents also add some new inspiration to today’s rave template with the most exciting artists in hardcore Cube::Hard featuring alongside cult grime acts Noyeahno from Rag & Bone and ascendant hard trance star Dark By Design, the latter having tracks on globally marketed Tidy label and Scott Project’s German label Overdose. Meanwhile, check ‘Poison Rain’s ‘Stingray’ for one of the most exciting vocal d’n’b cuts of 06!

Affordable and fairly priced, Illegal Ravers upholds the rave ethic of the original underground vibe by pouring passion into underground music for the love rather than pure profit. With a selection of music that sources all forms of underground dance, Illegal Ravers is priced to entice and welcome all comers and lovers of the rave vibe.

Illegal Ravers - The Force The Forces Can't Keep Down!

It's 18 years since the UK's first summer of love and original rave explosions but the free spirited vibe lives on. A fresh generation of ravers are here to run the gauntlet and lead us into a new era of underground dancin' and outdoor shape-cutting. Rave is back in vogue, not because it wants to be, not because those behind it have decided it's the coolest thing since David Beckham's last haircut, but because it's providing thousands of young people with an alternative, underground and non-elitist solution to today's overpriced and unimaginative mainstream.

Even on the mainstream, it's now the more rave orientated scenes such as hardcore, d'n'b and hard dance that are dominating. Whilst the supposedly 'cooler' scenes scramble desperately for punters, high-octane thousands capacity events like Frantic, Hardcore Til I Die and Slammin Vinyl are packing out venues as cavernous as Brixton Academy, Bristol Academy, London's SeOne club and even Birmingham's NEC on a weekly basis. What does that tell you? Rave is back and for those involved it’s as exciting, rebellious and full of nocturnal revelry as ever before… rave on!

Internet Marketing & Promotion

Prior to its release, Illegal Ravers is fast spreading an excitable underground buzz thanks to advertising, forum posts and news on, and, all containing profiles of artists connected to the album. Developed in conjunction with the underground dance force the Nu Energy Collective, news, information and artist profiles & interviews can also be found on their website In addition to this information, interviews and competitions will be accessible via Just Another Label’s myspace page –

Globally recognised artists featured:

BAD COMPANY - Drum and bass rave legends behind bass-thundering anthems such as 'The Nine' and chart penetrating 'Mo Fire'. Albums to date include, Inside the Machine,Digital Nation, Book of the Bad and Shot Down on Safari.

KEVIN ENERGY – Founder of massive hard dance/hardcore Nu Energy Collective PA, resident at Slammin Vinyl and mixes the 1000s selling Hardcore Heaven series

OPTICAL - Another d'n'b pioneer who, alongside Ed Rush, helped define the tech-step sound of 97 before setting up seminal Virus Recordings with Rush a year later.

DARK BY DESIGN - Resident at North's #1 hard dance club Good Greef, DBD is the hottest hard trance artist around right now with tracks on Nukleuz, globally supported Tidy and massive German label Overdose, home of Scott Project.

BILLY BUNTER– Original Raindance resident and pioneering artist, Billy Bunter's name has never left the forefront of underground dance in 18 years as a DJ/producer.

Highlighted Tracks Featured:

‘CHAMPION SOUND (Bad Company Remix)' (Q Project) - The revered d'n'b studio technicians supply a devastating remix of one of the most legendary jungle tracks ever.

'DANCE WITH THE DEVIL' (Dark By Design) - Stomping, tough yet anthemic Euro-flavoured hard trance from Tidy and Overdose records artist.

'DEEP SPACE' (DEEPER TERRITORY) - Deep, atmospheric and full of melody. A truly impressive, upfront track from an ascending artist.

‘VOICE OF CARME’ (Kevin Energy & Cube::Hard) - Ethereal vocals, a lush breakdown and a totally unpredictable melody twist combine to create a spine-tingling and utterly unique hardcore track from two of the most exciting producers around.

'ISN'T IT POWERFUL' (NOYEAHNO) - Cult rave-techno meets grime from London's cult underground label Rag & Bone music.

'STINGRAY' (Poison Rain) - Anthem alert! Massive rave-influenced vocal d'n'b cut that is fun, bouncy and full of punch! Think Pendulum crossed with Kosheen at their most anthemic and you're half way there.

'SPOT THE DIFFERENCE' (Helix) - Acclaimed underground artist Helix supplies dark, tribal techno with plenty of head-twisting synths and sonic mind-fuckery.