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WOW! What A Rush!! Vol. 11

Album Information

WOW! What A Rush!! Vol. 11

Release Date : Aug 2006

Catalogue Number : WOWCD11

Label : up2 Just Another Label

Hot on the heels of the previous WOW! (What a Rush) installment comes WOW11- WOW’s most diverse collection of hardcore dance music yet.

The WOW! series is evolving, and WOW11 gets down and dirty with a deeper, darker vibe than any of its predecessors: there is something here for the hardcore, the D n B, and the Breakbeat fans alike.

Other than Bonkers, WOW! is the longest running series of Happy Hardcore compilations anywhere in the world. The first installment hit the shelves back in 1998 to massive acclaim and volumes one to nine have kept the ravers dancing ever since. Packed with tried and tested, hands-in-the-air crowd pleasers, it’s no wonder they’re still popular 8 years after the first was released!

WOW! Volume 11 is the latest (and possibly the greatest) installment of the exciting WOW! series and is a melting pot of fresh exclusives and old-skool classics.

Previously unreleased tracks include the exhilarating return of Teknodred in collaboration with Cube::Hard and Pearl Blue with the new floor-filler ‘The Calling’; the voice of classic hardcore herself, Jennifer Bolton, returns with the highly anticipated ‘Higher Ground’. In addition, many other stomping new tunes including Optimistic’s ‘Reunited’ and Deeper Territory’s ‘H.M.I.Y.A’ are set to take audiences by storm.

Also exclusive to WOW! 11 are electrifying new offerings from the producer of the moment Cube::Hard, who has the hardcore scene buzzing with anticipation. ‘Something Pure’, featuring the sublime vocal talents of Poison Rain, is the perfect example of electrifying, uplifting hardcore at its best and his collaboration with DJ Darwin on ‘Pulse Attack’ shows just why Cube::Hard is generating such excitement. Both tracks have massive crossover appeal and have commanded respect from all corners of the contemporary dance industry: Hardcore fans and Drum and Bass DJs alike. The tantalizingly uplifting ‘Set Yourself’ by Darwin in collaboration with Jennifer Bolton is another exclusive to WOW! 11, as is Darwin’s own ‘Retro Ravin’ and his intense new Happy Hardcore release ‘Breathing Me’ featuring the liquid vocals of Wendy S.

WOW! (What A Rush) Vol. 11 is also proud to present rejuvenated versions of the classics including Dubplate’s ‘Wots my Code’ remixed by reputable DJs/producers Total Science. Other storming tunes from back in the day include AG System’s ‘Deeper Undaground’ as well as an old offering from the original pioneers of Trancecore and Freeform: Teknodred and Helix’s ‘Change the Style’. These sounds are highly sought after and getting harder to come by. WOW! 11 helps keep the underground sounds of the dance scene out in the open, making this series timeless collections of style relevant for years to come.

WOW! Volume 11 brings together an eclectic mix of vibey, contemporary dance anthems from a vivid cross-section of the musical underground. The album represents both the hottest up and coming artists of the day whilst keeping the classics alive, exploring the depths of the deepest, darkest Breakbeat, D n B and Freeform as well as scaling the exhilarating heights of the most uplifting Happy Hardcore. WOW! 11 goes beyond the conventional reaches of generic hardcore compilations and delves deeper into the Hard Dance scene than ever before, drawing on old-skool influences that rarely grace the high street shelves. No matter how varied your taste in Hardcore, this album has got something to get you moving. These are tracks that will go down in history, enhancing the sets of Hardcore legends all over the world, with acts like Brisk, Scott Brown, Sharkey, Dougal, Marc Smith, Gammer, Breeze, Styles, and Hixxy to name just a few.


This awesome selection has been mixed by up and coming hardcore hero DJ Darwin, who has combined some of the finest new cuts as well as some classic Old Skool stompers, remixed and revolutionized for your listening pleasure.

South coast based DJ/producer Darwin has come a long way in the past 12 months with his melodic, song-driven style of Happy Hardcore that has graced dance floors up & down the country at events such as HTID, Elation and Total Bedlam. Darwin is now a resident at Vibealite, which is the perfect venue opportunity to showcase his talent and represent the ravers of past, present and future.


‘THE CALLING’ (Teknodred, Pearl Blue, Jennifer Bolton and Cube::Hard) – Brand new floor stomper and a WOW11 exclusive from Hardcore legend Teknodred along with up and coming hero Cube::Hard, featuring the sensual vocals of the newly-discovered Pearl Blue and the first lady of hard dance Jennifer Bolton.

‘HIGHER GROUND’ (Jennifer Bolton) – The voice of Hardcore returns with this elevating blend of outstanding vocal harmonies and stomping vibes that kick off WOW11 with a bang.

‘SOMETHING PURE’ (Cube::Hard) - The man who everybody’s talking about is back with his exhilarating tribute to classic Happy Hardcore: nothing but uplifting melodies and toe-tapping vibes inspired by the masters of the original Hardcore scene.

‘CHANGE THE STYLE’ (Helix and Teknodred) – A classic offering to remind ravers in the hardcore scene of days gone by. The two pioneers of Freeform and Trancecore present a rare glimpse into some of the most diverse styles not normally available on the high street.