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Single Information

Catalogue Number : GS24

Release Date : 2001

Label : up2 Genetic Stress

Genre(s) : Drum n Bass

listen  A. 'Cause 'n' Effect'

By : Tropic
Genre : Drum n Bass

listen  AA. 'Passion'

By : Tropic
Genre : Drum n Bass

Tropic return to Genetic Stress to impose their brilliance on us once more. The Drum ‘n’Bass masters bring us two dancefloor friendly tracks, cleverly incorporating the old skool vibes and samples...
On the a-side, “Cause ‘n’ Effect”, which introduces itself using the old and classic “2 Bad Mice” break. The drop comes in with a harsh, yet emotional stab riff and the intermittent whistling hook. In addition to the obvious, “Cause ‘n’ Effect” has a twinkling ride pattern, dark clanging pads and a hi tension string, as well as spoken rap samples, with some great moderation on ‘em (check the delays out!).

Flip over for “Passion” ingeniously involves our old friend - the TIMESTRETCH, in a twisted, infectious break pattern, with a spine tingling bell loop, “Passion” vocal bites, a rolling bassline and a pad inspired breakdown section with a trancey organ riff and effects in all the right places. The old skool stab sections are pure rave and when twinned with the hooky riffs and chopped up breaks, this tune’ll make ya wanna go ravin’ right now!