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Single Information

Catalogue Number : XY17

Release Date : 1998

Label : up2 Xy2

Genre(s) : Trancecore

XY17A-MP3 - 320kbps MP3 download
listen   - 'Trust This'
Available for direct download
XY17AA-MP3 - 320kbps MP3 download
Available for direct download

listen  A. 'Trust This'

By : Helix
Genre : Trancecore

listen  AA. 'Spot The Difference'

By : Helix
Genre : Trancecore

"The XY2 last release of the Millennium saw label mate Helix on good form and on two very different tips...

On the A side, “Trust This” was a kind of logical continuation featuring such familiar trademarks as bubbling acid, filtered samples and that crisp, cheeky production that is unmistakably Helix’s hybrid of Techno and Trance.

But the fun kept coming !

On the flip side, the nine-minute epic “Spot The Difference” was a progressive fusion of blissed-out Trance, Deep House and pumpin'’ Tech-step, driven by live conga and bass loops.