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Bonkers / D.A.T.A.

Bonkers / D.A.T.A.

Bonkers is a 12' single label offshoot of the highly successful 'Bonkers' Compilation series on React. DATA stands for Digital Audio Techno Anarchy and along with Bonkers, and are joint collaborations between DJ / Producer Sharkey and Stage One.

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Jul 2000

Bonkers / D.A.T.A. DATA4

listen_g  A. - 'Emotional Glitch'
listen_g  AA. - 'Milenia'

Bonkers / D.A.T.A. DATA2

listen  A. - 'Driven'
listen  AA. - 'Can You Hear Me'

Bonkers / D.A.T.A. DATA1

listen  A. - 'It's All Just Hardcore'
listen  AA. - 'Rock The House'

Bonkers / D.A.T.A. BKR3

listen  A. - 'Flipside'
listen  AA. - 'Hypnotik Break'

Bonkers / D.A.T.A. BKR2

listen  A. - 'Point Zero'
listen  AA. - 'Brighter Future'