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East Side

East Side

From the heart of East London, East Side Records is an established Drum and Bass label, which was set up in November 1996 and now features the young talent of DJs and producers in the area of East London.

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East Side EAST37

listen_g  A. - 'The Revolution'
listen_g  B. - 'Relay'

East Side EAST35

listen_g  A. - 'Human Race'
listen_g  AA. - 'Centuria'

East Side EAST33

listen_g  A. - 'Return (Remix)'
listen_g  AA. - 'Images'

East Side EAST32

listen  A. - 'Hangman'
listen_g  AA. - 'Swordfish'

East Side EAST29

listen_g  A. - 'Tricknology'
listen_g  B. - 'Street Astrologist'

East Side EAST28

listen_g  A. - 'Return'
listen_g  B. - 'Systems'
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