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Single Information

Catalogue Number : FAZE5

Release Date : 2001

Label : up2 Faze Freak

Genre(s) : Hardcore

FAZE5A-MP3 - 320kbps MP3 download
Available for direct download
FAZE5AA-MP3 - 320kbps MP3 download
Available for direct download

listen  A. 'Make Believe (Breeze & Skeedale Remix)'

By : Frisky
Genre : Hardcore

listen  AA. 'Make Believe (Frisky Remix)'

By : Frisky
Genre : Hardcore

"On the A-Side, Breeze & Skeedal cooked up a tasty Wardolf salad, full of Trance, bounce, movement and pump...
The infectious and catchy riff went round your head for days and days. Even if you forgot the name of the tune, you would never be able to forget the riff - even if you wanted to! So far proving highly popular with the likes of Unique, Dougal and Northern DJ’s, including Sharkey and Sarj, Breeze’s mix of ‘Make Believe’ was a bit different, a bit special and a touch darker than the usual Happy Hardcore style.

On the flip side, Frisky conducted her first remix and the effort was noticeable. This mix was a lot meatier, a lot more upfront and altogether Hardcore. The stab array and selection of effects and noises brought together a cleverly arranged piece of dance music. With additional production by Austin Reynolds, the general remix ideas tied in nicely with the original vocals and the end result was popular with Slipmatt, Brisk and DJ Breeze himself.