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Single Information

Catalogue Number : JALPR01

Release Date : 1996

Label : up2 JAL Premium

Genre(s) : Hardcore

JALPR01A-MP3 - 320kbps MP3 download
listen   - 'Here I Am'
Available for direct download
JALPR01AA-MP3 - 320kbps MP3 download
listen   - 'The Big Spill'
Available for direct download

listen  A. 'Here I Am'

By : Justin Time / Becks / Ham / Demo
Genre : Hardcore

listen  AA. 'The Big Spill'

By : Justin Time / Ham / Demo
Genre : Hardcore

"Before you say it, I know, yet another happy hardcore label but, hold on a moment, this one is a bit special...
The concept behind JAL Premium is to invite the cream of happy hardcore producers currently working with various labels on their own projects, to work together in new collaborations. The result (we hope) is a unique and individual sound. With many top and unknown talents soon to come, keep your eyes and ears alert. Watch this space.

The first release is definitely an excellent start to a new label bringing together the three (above named) artists with the vocals provided by Becks. Both sides of this 12"" are sure to do damage across all the hardcore frontiers. Full of energy, stomp, uplift, riffs and melodies to get even your mother begging for more. 'Nuff waffle, listen for yourself and watch the ravers go crazy to the talents of this joint venture."