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Single Information

Catalogue Number : ST12

Release Date : Nov 1996

Label : up2 Stompin Choonz

Genre(s) : Freeform

ST12A - 320kbps MP3 Download
Available for direct download
ST12AA - 320kbps MP3 Download
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listen  A. 'U R Everything'

By : Helix / Becks / Marlon
Genre : Freeform

listen  AA. 'Noise & Music'

By : Helix / Tekno Dred
Genre : Freeform

Stompin‘ Choonz, now twelve releases strong, is proud to present an all new vinyl feast from the mischievous maestro Helix!
While both sides do the damage with some favourite Helix trademarks such as programmed breakbeat sections and rushy-lush breakdowns, the two choonz are highly individual and show a flare for extending the Hardcore vocabulary. In a word, we’re talking largecore!
‘U.R. Everything’, a bangin’ Techno track with a happy - catchy mid-section, features lead vocals from one of the scene’s only regular male singer Marlon who also sang ‘Get it Right’ ST6 and on this occasion he’s accompanied by rising starlet Becks acclaimed for her vocal performance on Ham, Demo, and Justin Time’s ‘Here I Am’ from JAL Premium. Fat production, a wicked kick, and a cross-fader’s heaven of an intro make ‘U.R. Everything’ not just large but LAAAARGER! ! ! . . . . .
The Hardcore rule book is well and truly thrown out of the windows on side 2 with Helix and Teknodred’s ‘Noise + Music’. Probably the first choon of it’s type to feature a live guitar performance (courtesy of J.C. Witness, axeman of the future!).
From the ridiculous to the sublime, be prepared for rock n‘ roll techno/trance with a gorgeous special breakdown for that feeling of goose-bumps up your back, butterflies in your stomach, ice-cubes down your shreddies, . . . . . oh you know the kind of thing! . .