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100% Nu Energy

Album Information

100% Nu Energy

Release Date : Jun 2001

Catalogue Number : NRGCD1

Label : up2 The Nu Energy Collective

100% Nu Energy features 14 of the most sought after records from London run 'Nu Energy' and 'Dynamix' Recordings. Both these labels are well renowned for their popularity in the Hard House / Hardcore scenes.

Dynamix Recordings has had huge successes in its catalogue. The main artist is Kevin Energy himself, although other top producers produce for the label, such as React star Sharkey, Japan’s super star Neuron and K. Complex. Every release has had its fair share of canings at events like Pendragon, Sundissential, Seduction, Frantic and loads more. Basing their key sound on a fine balance between the rawness and energy of Hard House, and the magic and emotion of Trance, Dynamix have imprinted their unique style on club land!

Nu Energy Recordings caters for the fast paced music scene, and has been hailed as a godsend to the UK rave scene. Pioneering the more experimental sounds of Hardcore, Nu Energy has injected the scene with anthem after anthem, molding the sound of the future. The worldwide following for Nu Energy is huge and the unmistakable sound is crossing over into the Hard House / Trance scene too. The success of the Nu Energy sound has seen world tours from its artists. Previous releases have gained record of the month in Wax Magazine and been charted by many DJ's like Raymondo, Lisa Lashes and many more.

Who better to mix this album than the man himself 'Kevin Energy'. With residencies at Raindance (London), Revolution (Sheffield) Club U4rea (London), GBH (Bristol) and many more bookings, the future is looking unstoppable. Kevin's unique sound has taken the club scene by storm. Once people hear the Nu Energy sound they just can't get enough!!

100% Nu Energy takes you on a journey through all the different styles Dynamix and Nu Energy cater for. Starting with the Hard House anthem "Beef Cakes" by Rez, the album flows perfectly through the darker side of Dynamix with anthems like Neuron's "Where am I" and pounding faster all the way through the Nu Energy masterpieces. This album is 100% Nu Energy!!!