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WOW! What A Rush!! Vol. 6

Album Information

WOW! What A Rush!! Vol. 6

Release Date : Aug 2001

Catalogue Number : WOWCD06

Label : up2 Just Another Label

Disc 1

  1. listen  'Beef Cakes'
    by Rez
  2. [Stomping Grounds]
    listen_g  'Double Bluff'
    by Stomping Grounds
  3. [unknown]
    listen_g  'Tunnel Vision'
    by See K One
  4. [unknown]
    listen_g  'Cheeky Chap'
    by Threshold
  5. [unknown]
    listen_g  'Hardass'
    by Sccale
  6. [unknown]
    listen_g  'Know You Want It'
    by Tekno Dred
  7. [unknown]
    listen_g  'Flying Eye'
    by Bumpa Ta Bumpa
  8. listen  'DJs Mixing'
    by Billy Bunter / MC Duke
  9. [Xy2]
    listen  'Trust This'
    by Helix
  10. [FDN]
    listen  'Coming Up For Air'
    by DJ Fury
  11. [unknown]
    listen_g  'Trance End'
    by Beachbum
  12. [unknown]
    listen_g  'Twister'
    by Threshold
  13. [Stomping Grounds]
    listen_g  'Prayer For A Dream'
    by Stomping Grounds
  14. [unknown]
    listen_g  'Swallow The Light'
    by Becks / Menthol Man
  15. [Xy2]
    listen  'Spot The Difference'
    by Helix
Yet another low cost, high content, good value compilation from the Just Another Label camp!!

Wow! (What A Rush) is proud to present its latest addition to the series. Volume 6 takes a slight detour from its old skool Hardcore predecessor, to bring you today’s Club sound, taking the listener on a journey through the various soundscapes of Trance, Hard House and Trancecore, skilfully navigated by the talented DJ Quartz.

Kicking off with Rez’s acidic stomper “Beefcakes”, you’ll soon realise that there’s no turning back as the mood lifts and shifts to the rather more euphoric “Double Bluff”, alongside other recognised releases from the heroes of the Hardcore era, namely Billy Bunter, Helix, Fury, Tekno Dred and Rez.

Famed for his production techniques, envied by many a producer, Helix was Stage One’s leading writer, producing many tracks as a solo artist and in collaboration, and taking the Hardcore / Trancecore sound to another level. His productions have always been much in demand with the record buying public.

Billy Bunter is one of the leading, more innovative DJ producers from the Hardcore circuit, now doing the biz in the Hard House scene. He has produced many an anthem and DJs alongside the likes of Carl Cox, Lisa Loud, Stimulant DJ’s and The Tidy Boys and owns the popular Honeypot label.

The darker, more twisted side of Fury’s production has earnt him a reputation of being one of the leading Trancecore producers in the UK, producing tracks with longevity and timelessness. Stomping, having it, and furious. Expect no less from the man they call Fury.

With his debut solo release “Beefcakes”, Rez aka the legendary Austin Reynolds has until now been the man who has successfully assisted other DJ/producers with their own releases. Whilst continuing this relationship with the DJ/producers, the man with the golden touch is now looking forward to a fruitful solo career to boot.

Tekno Dred
A&R / producer Tekno Dred, has influenced many varied artists within the scene, guiding and offering support to not only up and coming producers, but also with the most well established and forward thinking DJ/producers. With his knowledge, open-mindedness and experience, he has been branded Godfather to some.

Listen out for tracks 2-7 and 11-13 on this album which are previously unreleased monsters just waiting to rip it up, such as “Tunnel Vision” by See K1, “Cheeky Chap” by Threshold, “Hard Ass” by Sccale, “Trance End” by Beach Bum and “Twister” by Threshold.

For those who collect the Wow! series, you will already be familiar with the featured artists and will not be disappointed with their latest offerings, some of which have crossed over into the world of multi-media. For example, “Swallow The Light” by Becks v Menthol Man has been featured on adverts and trailers on television, being used by Anchor Butter, Television X, Formula 1 and CITV. It could be easily classed as an anthem.

With a price to entice this album will not disappoint. Enjoy!