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Genetic Stress

Genetic Stress

Genetic Stress never strived to produce the ordinary, traditional sounds of Drum and Bass. Instead, their sound has always pushed the boundaries as far as possible. The results were first heard on the one-sided, limited edition of "Silver Haze", which was, and still is, very hard to find.

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Genetic Stress GS24

listen  A. - 'Cause 'n' Effect'
listen  AA. - 'Passion'

Genetic Stress GS22

listen_g  A. - 'Get Down'
listen_g  AA. - 'Back In Time'

Genetic Stress GS21

listen  A. - 'Mayday'
listen  AA. - 'Two Thirds'

Genetic Stress GS15

listen  A. - 'Dominion'
listen  AA. - 'Meltdown'
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