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Genetic Stress

Genetic Stress

Genetic Stress never strived to produce the ordinary, traditional sounds of Drum and Bass. Instead, their sound has always pushed the boundaries as far as possible. The results were first heard on the one-sided, limited edition of "Silver Haze", which was, and still is, very hard to find.

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Name Artists
listen_g 'Air Dried' Tight Control / Jah Free
listen 'Alien Conversation' Mission Control
listen_g 'Back In Time' The Mysterons
listen 'Blue Nights' Zed
listen 'Branded' Mission Control
listen 'By All Means Necessary' Solid State
listen 'Cause 'n' Effect' Tropic
listen_g 'D Cycles' Mission Control
listen 'Dark Perswayshun' Area 39
listen 'Dominion' Microburst
listen 'Earth' Tight Control
listen_g 'Elevator' Tight Control
listen 'Extremities' Mission Control
listen 'Feel It' Q Project
listen 'Fresh' Zed
listen_g 'Get Down' The Mysterons
listen 'High Flyers' Area 39
listen 'Is That You?' Future Passed
listen 'Just Won't Stop' Tight Control
listen 'Lifeline' Tight Control
listen 'Little Black Boxes' Mission Control
listen 'March Ahead' Mission Control
listen 'Mayday' Tropic
listen 'Meltdown' Microburst
listen 'Module 8' Mission Control